How to Watch Ad-Free YouTube Videos on Android (Without Vanced)

When you’re using your Android phone to watch YouTube videos, watching the videos without ads can be difficult, especially if you’re using an unrooted device with the official YouTube app. To watch ad-free videos on your Android phone without installing Vanced, simply install the AdAway app and restart your phone once you have it installed. Once you do this, you should be able to watch ad-free videos on YouTube regardless of whether you’re on Wi-Fi or cellular data, provided that your phone supports AdAway and YouTube Red. Here’s how it works!

Download TubeMate

One of the most popular videos that people want to watch is on YouTube videos. There are many ways of watching YouTube videos ad-free on Android, even without Vanced. The first is by using the TubeMate app which enables you to watch videos without ads.

 All you need to do is get TubeMate. It is a third-party app that can be downloaded for free and allows users to watch videos without ads. This app doesn’t require root access but if you have it, it will work much better. The best thing about using the TubeMate app is that you don’t need an account and just a device that runs Android version 2.2 or higher with a working internet connection.

Open the YouTube App and Play Any Video

To watch Ad-Free YouTube Videos on Android, you can simply open the YouTube app and then play any video. You may find that some of your favorite content creators are still displaying ads at the beginning of their videos and in-between breaks, but these will not be as disruptive. If you have never tried this before, make sure to tap on this link from our device where we’ll open a video for you to test out!

 You may want to use a free third-party app called Vanced, which is available from Google Play. Its main purpose is to allow users to download videos and playlists from YouTube but it also allows you to remove ads and also disable video restrictions for mobile data usage. The only downside here is that you have to open videos in your browser, so it does take away from having a native experience, however, it may be worth doing if you’d like a better video-watching experience than what’s offered by default in all versions of Android.

Run TubeMate

Watching Ad-Free YouTube Videos on Android can be tricky, but don’t give up! TubeMate is an ad-free YouTube experience. This can also be used on PCs or Laptops, but this tutorial will focus on how to watch ad-free YouTube videos on Android devices. TubeMate features an offline viewing mode, so you’ll always have the option of watching a video without an internet connection. TubeMate also protects your privacy by making sure that no one knows what you’re viewing online. It’s quick and easy – here’s how to do it: 

  1. Download and install TubeMate from the Google Play Store or from their website. Tap Continue when prompted with This file might harm your device.

Enjoy Watching Full Screen HD Videos

Watching YouTube on an Android device without the hassle of ads can be difficult. But thankfully, there is a way to do it with the Vanced extension that is relatively simple. Let’s talk about how to get Vanced up and running on your Android phone in order to watch ad-free YouTube videos in full screen HD for free.

 The process for watching ad-free, full screen HD videos is pretty straightforward. It requires both an Android device with a custom ROM installed and a third party app called Vanced. Once you’ve found your ROM and got your phone rooted, simply follow these steps to enjoy YouTube in a way that doesn’t have any ads.

  1. Download both of these from Google Play 2. Open up your Xposed Installer app and enable Vanced – you can find it under Framework. 3. Then go back into your launcher settings and select Full Screen for any YouTube video you want to watch! You should now be watching a full screen, ad-free video in HD, just like that! If you are looking for more ways to get more out of your phone, make sure to check out some other helpful tutorials as well. As always, if you have any questions or something is unclear, feel free to reach out and ask us below in the comments section or via e-mail at! Thanks for reading our guide and we hope it helped you enjoy YouTube even more than before!

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