How to Pin Comments on Your Instagram Posts and Get More Engagement

One of the benefits of blogging is that you can connect with your readers directly, and it’s one of the best ways to get feedback on your product or service, whether it’s physical or digital. Instagram offers several ways to do this, including commenting on your own posts and replying to comments made by others. It’s also possible to pin comments to the top of your Instagram photos, making sure that your followers see them first when they land on your photo and giving you even more engagement. Here’s how to do it right!

What is being pinned?

Every time you post a new photo on your Instagram account, you should do your best to pin at least three related comments from others onto the photo so it stands out from the rest of the text. In return, you will get more engagement and followers because it shows that people find your post valuable and noteworthy. Remember, as a business owner, it is all about giving and receiving!

Who should be pinning?

Getting your followers more involved in your posts is an excellent way to get them engaged and show that you care about what they have to say. There are a few ways you can do this, but one of the most popular is by pinning their comments. Here’s how it works:

1) To find comments, tap the reply button below your post and scroll through until you find one worth saving.

2) Tap pin comment and then press post. 3) Commenter will get an email notification when you pin their comment and some have even said they feel like they’re more involved in your posts after they’ve been pinned!

Why pin comments?

Instagram is a powerful social media platform for many businesses, and one way that it can be used effectively is by pinning comments left by users. While this will not directly increase the number of followers you have, it will ensure that you get more engagement. When people comment on your photos, they expect a response in return. This can be time-consuming if done individually and manually. However, if there are other business owners who share the same goals as you do, then creating an Instagram account together can work wonders!

Who shouldn’t be pinning?

Instagram Stories is all the rage right now and the engagement can be so high with this new feature. However, you can also get great engagement on your posts with comments. For a while, it was frowned upon because there was no way to pin a comment like you could a story. But recently, there’s been a change in that, and you can now pin an Instagram comment using the report spam or misuse button from within your notifications tab. We don’t recommend doing this for every post – only use when you feel that what someone is commenting needs an answer, when someone compliments you, or when you want more of your followers to join in on a discussion around a specific post.

Frequency of pinning comments?

There are a few ways you can pin comments from your Instagram posts and increase engagement. 

– You can pin a comment as the first one, letting people know there are other people commenting. – You can pin an individual comment that has been highlighted for people to scroll through more easily. – You can reply with their feedback with a quote or photo and pin it in order to get more engagement.

When do you need permission from the commenter?

Instagram is great for getting feedback from your followers. That’s why we always ask for permission before replying to a comment or engaging with one and why we never start a conversation without asking for permission first. The best part about this is that it enables people to become more engaged with you and your content because they know that you want their opinion.

The best ways to ask permission from commenters

In order to get the most out of your social media marketing, it is best to invite engagement and encourage followers by pinning comments on your Instagram posts. There are a few ways you can go about this, with some being more difficult than others. First, use hashtags. When using hashtags, look for phrases that might catch the eye of commenters in the hopes that they’ll add their opinion in the comments section below. For example, if you post about your new clothing line, try adding #FallWardrobe and #PerfectClothingPieceInOneWord. Second: On occasion, use popular hashtags but tie them into current trends happening online or in popular culture.

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