The Tricks to Getting Out of Jury Duty They Don’t Want You to Know

Have you ever gotten called in to jury duty and sat through the long and boring process of waiting? It’s because this system was designed to weed out people like you who don’t want to be there—but there are ways around it. If you really want to avoid this terrible experience, take a look at the tricks to getting out of jury duty that they don’t want you to know about! You’ll find these tips handy if you need to avoid jury duty in the future, too!

Come Prepared

If you want to get out of jury duty, your best bet is to be prepared. Here are a few things you can do ahead of time: – Know the state laws about who can be excused from jury duty and what’s considered a legitimate excuse. Your eligibility for an exemption varies from state to state so it’s important to know the rules in your area. – Find out how long you’re on call for, and if that information is available, view it on an interactive map by county as Juror 911 offers. Knowing when your next call date is will help you stay organized and reduce the amount of panic that sets in when the notice comes in.

Dress for Success

Show up wearing your nicest outfit and with a smile on your face to make you look like the perfect juror. The nicer you are, the less likely they are to keep you on the jury. Politely say that you work Monday through Friday and can’t sit on a jury for an extended period of time. Check with each judge ahead of time to see if they have anything against people who wear glasses or have tattoos, since these are two things that may keep them from sitting on a jury. Pretend to be unfamiliar with technology – it will show them that you’re a good person who couldn’t possibly be using social media as people tend to do nowadays, which is forbidden in most places where serving as a juror is compulsory

Find the Right Person

One of the best ways to get out of jury duty is to find a family member or friend who you know will be selected. If that’s not an option, or you need to do something that won’t be accepted by the court (like forgetting to show up for court), find someone who looks like you and introduce them as your twin. Make sure you have pictures of each other for this one! Even if they are a few years older than you, it’s probably close enough. Plus, as long as they act like your identical twin on the stand and say things about themselves that make it seem like they’re part of your life, it might work too.

Show Up Early

Tricks to Getting Out of Jury Duty They Don’t Want You to Know: Show Up Early: You want to get there before all the people who are frantically trying to get out of jury duty. Yes, this is possible. Here’s what you do: Dress nicely, speak well and treat the jury commissioner with respect as if you’re interested in serving on a jury.

Smile, Have a Good Attitude, and Offer Something Useful

It’s a cruel irony: As you’re sitting in jury duty waiting to be called, the one you actually want to see is someone else. You never know who it could be- a new job opportunity, your doctor’s office with an appointment reminder, your wife with a reason why she was 3 hours late picking up the kids from school. But no, it’s another boring day of not-so-stimulating discussions in our pretend court room. We’re sure that there are some of you out there with the luxury of skipping out on jury duty and rescheduling at a more convenient time or date. For the rest of us, we need to strategize our way into avoiding it altogether. So what do we do? How do we avoid this mind-numbing gathering?

Use Your Communication Skills

One of the most popular questions I get asked is: How do I get out of jury duty? And unfortunately, it’s not as easy as hiring a lawyer to represent you. Instead, there are many tricks you can use to your advantage. From being late to callbacks, here are some of the most well-known tactics for dodging jury duty without breaking the law.

Go Big with Incentives

If you’re serving on a jury and the trial’s just not going well, consider these incentives to get out of Jury Duty. It can be difficult to get out of Jury Duty – but it’s important that you do what you can to try. 

1) Bring in a PowerPoint with prepared questions for the defense or prosecution. This works especially well if it’s a case about something like patent infringement where there are clearly two sides. 2) Ask your lawyer to write up a motion for getting out of Jury Duty. As an attorney myself, I know what should go into such a motion so I can help you write one.

Ask for Help from the Judge

  1. As soon as you’re summoned to jury duty, write a letter to the judge explaining that you have a serious medical condition or your doctor’s orders make it impossible for you to serve on a jury. One person actually faked his death just to get out of serving. 2. Know the law. Research any potential issues before your appearance and be prepared to answer them for the judge during voir dire. 3. Show up early and look impeccable: wear business attire and makeup, which shows respect and care, as opposed to jeans and a T-shirt with sloppy hair that displays apathy or lack of self-respect.

Get Creative with Technology

There are a number of tricks to help get out of jury duty that they don’t want you to know. From creating fake medical records, to pretending like you’re unfit for the job, these tricks can get you off the hook for good.

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