So, You Want to Summon a Demon? Here’s How…

While summoning demons is most definitely not to be taken lightly, it isn’t difficult to do once you have the proper knowledge and tools. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering how to summon a demon, and you’ll soon find out that it’s easier than you might think – as long as you use the right method! Whether you’re in it for spiritual purposes or your love of being scared, there are plenty of reasons why someone might want to summon demons. Before you start trying though, don’t forget that this can be an extremely dangerous practice!

Step 1: Write down your goals

Do you really need to summon a demon, or can’t you just go online and google a bit of witchcraft information? If so, you may want to call this whole thing off now before anything really bad happens. Demons are not something you should be messing with on a whim and are not bound by the same rules as other entities. It is also possible that summoning a demon could have terrible consequences if you do not take things seriously, or if the conjuring ritual isn’t followed correctly. Demons should only be summoned if there is no other way of obtaining what is desired, though it should always be with knowledge of the potential dangers and risks involved.

Step 2: Prepare an altar

-you can do this in your house but make sure to clean up afterwards. Start by laying out a black or brown cloth on the floor and then, have a bowl of water at hand along with some black or brown candles, matches and lighters, a deck of cards (preferably the major arcana), and any other ritual items you might need like a chalice.

-next, construct an altar for your demon out of things that are personal to you. Consider including items that symbolize what you want from your relationship with them – items with significance to love relationships might include red roses and chocolate; maybe you would like a business deal so something from the workplace is there; or perhaps it is creative inspiration in which case sketchbooks would be great.

Step 3: Perform the banishing ritual

##Summoning a demon isn’t as easy as some might believe. The first step to summoning a demon is having the right materials, which could be anything from ink to sugar cubes. You will also need candles and salt. Finally, you will need a statue or a stick of a rowan tree, also known as Alder in the USA (no matter what side of the Atlantic you’re on). These materials should all be arranged in an outward facing circle. You’ll also want to use flour or rock salt to draw your summoning circle, so it’s larger than the banishing circle.

Step 4: Set up an invocation ritual

For this, you will need a black candle, pen and paper, and matches. Cut the paper into the shape of a heart and poke out an opening in the middle. Write your full name on one side of the heart and then write an individualized list of wants or wishes (to your demon) on the other side. On one side also write out Who are you? On the other side write What is your true name? Put these two questions face to face so they can reflect off each other like a mirror.

Step 5: Invoke demon with full name and birthdate (optional)

So, You Want to Summon a Demon? Here’s How: 

  1. Find a demon to summon, using the criteria below or by using Google or Pinterest. 2. Choose an altar dedicated to said demon (altars can be found at any occult store) and place it somewhere in your home where you can see it easily 3. Set up your altar with the items you’ll need for the ritual, making sure to use any birthdate information on the demon from the list above 4. Take time to think about why you want to summon this specific demon, as you’ll have to make a deal with them if they come 5. Invoke your chosen demon by talking out loud with conviction and confidence, making eye contact with them if possible 6.

Step 6: Wait for demon to appear

So, you want to summon a demon. That’s great! Well, as with anything, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right supplies and materials on hand to do this sort of thing. It is quite easy to work with demons in general, but it all depends on your specific needs. Demons come in a variety of forms depending on your needs – sometimes they take the form of people and other times they may take the form of items or animals. Demons are very agreeable so feel free to talk to them and see what form they take before making a decision about their shape and size.

Step 7: Exchange energy with demon (must be consensual)

So, you’ve been reading about how to summon a demon. You’ve learned all about contracts, pentagrams, and how to cast a circle. Now it’s time to get down to the good stuff- summoning a demon! The actual act of doing so is actually really simple: both parties have to agree on terms and sign the contract that stipulates what will happen should one party wish to terminate the pact. This process can take some time if you’re doing it correctly, but if your intent is impure or you attempt this without performing thorough research into why demons would be willing to help you then there are consequences (although not necessarily negative ones).

Step 8: Perform banishing ritual

The process of summoning a demon, according to The Lesser Key of Solomon, requires you to set up your altar and call out the demon or demons that you want to summon. You then say that you offer your life and soul in exchange for power. This is what will make the demon want to come with you. You continue by calling him or her forth with their full name while using their secret sign if they have one, concluding the ceremony by saying Powers of my understanding three times aloud.

Step 9: End the ritual properly

Ending the ritual is important. You can’t just stop when you feel like it and expect your demon to show up, no matter how polite they might be asking to be excused. This is a good time to use one last protective charm, and then make sure you’ve cleaned up all the mess you made to prepare for this night. Offerings that still look good should be eaten or given away as gifts. Once everything has been tidied up, say goodbye to your demon; after all, they have their own life, which doesn’t revolve around us human beings!

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