Sasha Monik Sets the Internet on Fire With Rumored New Relationship

Sasha Monik, author and dating coach, just set the internet on fire with her Instagram post yesterday. Monik was photographed holding hands with Adam Kaulitz, frontman of the internationally-known band Tokio Hotel, and she didn’t hesitate to share the image with her fans on social media. Whether or not this was actually an innocent moment captured by a fan or an intentional PR strategy remains to be seen, but it has definitely gained massive attention from social media users around the world.

The saga begins

It all started when Sasha Monik posted a photo of herself in a black and white bikini with her hair blowing in the wind. She captioned it Summertime. In one day, Sasha Monik’s photo racked up over 10k likes and was flooded with hundreds of comments that ranged from Wow to Who is this woman?

The next morning, another Instagram user named @sarahrobinart wrote I can’t believe my ex is dating this beautiful creature. I’m so happy for them! The comment was followed by a heart emoji and two kisses. Rumors began to swirl that Sasha Monik new flame was none other than ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber!

A timeline of posts

In October 2017, award-winning DJ and producer Sasha Monik took to Instagram to post a photo with an unknown man that she claimed was her hubby. The next day, she posted another photo with the same man and captioned it, My love. The posts set off a flurry of speculation among fans. Was this new relationship legit? Or just a publicity stunt for her newest single?

Some thought that her husband might be Pras Michel from The Fugees, who has been rumored as her boyfriend in the past. Monika later went on a popular radio show and confirmed that she was indeed dating someone new. She only offered one detail about him: he’s six feet tall.

Fans are still speculating as to who he is. Sasha Monik says she’ll be taking a break from social media for a while. She’s reportedly spending more time at home with her new man and is working on some music projects.

Fan theories

Since Sasha Monikhas been posting a lot less about her ex and more about her possible new relationship, it’s safe to say that she’s moved on from her past. Some have speculated that she is dating Hollywood actor and professional surfer Garrett McNamara. Others think that she might be dating UFC fighter, Max Holloway. And there are those who think she might be engaged to British fashion designer Tom Ford.

But, no matter who it is, we hope for Sasha Monik sake that this relationship turns out better than the last one. Sasha Monik and Max have been posting photos together, which is fueling a lot of speculation. They seem to be in Hawaii together, like Sasha’s ex-boyfriend Robby Klein. These two also have plenty of time alone in their shots together.

In fact, they posted one photo with a combined caption that read, As long as I’ve got you. The photo shows them standing side by side looking at each other with huge grins on their faces. Many fans are reading into that caption, wondering if Sasha Monik is saying she has her new man.

What we know so far

So far, there is no confirmation that Sasha Monik has found love with a new person. It is important to note that in her post she does not mention anyone by name. The closest thing we have to a name is a handsome stranger. This could mean anything from an ex-boyfriend or someone she has seen before, but it’s impossible to know for sure. What we do know is that Sasha is doing well and seems happy after her recent breakup with Derek Hough in March of this year.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Sasha Monikfound love again? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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