Magnet Links: The How-To Guide for Downloading Torrents

If you’re looking to download torrents, you’ve likely come across the term magnet link or even magnet URI. Many people use magnet links without knowing what they are and how they work, so we wanted to create a helpful guide about them! Here’s everything you need to know about using magnet links and downloading torrents using them!

About Magnet links

Magnet links are like a url for torrents. Torrenting is a type of file sharing used to download large files, such as movies and music, by getting pieces of the file from many different sources at the same time. This decreases your wait time to download the file because the bits are downloaded simultaneously, and you can get them right away instead of waiting for someone else who has already downloaded it to send it to you. 

##Benefits of Downloading Torrents 

Downloading torrents has its benefits that outweigh traditional methods. Firstly, downloading things with BitTorrent sites is free!

How do I download files with a magnet link?

In order to download a file using a magnet link, you will need to use a torrent client. Some of the more popular torrent clients include μTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, and Transmission. In μTorrent for instance, open the program and click Add Torrent under the search bar. Next paste the magnet link in that window and click OK. Once clicked the download will begin automatically so you just have to wait for it to finish downloading like with any other file. It’s also possible to find available torrents via your browser’s search engine by typing in magnet URI. The majority of browsers also offer integrated support for downloading these files with only one or two clicks by right clicking on them and selecting an option like download or save.

Can you change magnet links into regular .torrent files?

When magnet links first appeared, they were thought to be an easy way for people to share files with each other on torrents. However, it was discovered that downloading and viewing magnet links was often not as straightforward as people initially thought. Luckily, there are a few ways you can turn a link into a file so you can easily download torrents and view them without issues. 

You may have found yourself in the unfortunate situation of trying to use a magnet link to download and watch your desired TV show or movie but having no luck! One day when surfing through Reddit, the solution may have popped up.

Does using magnet links instead of .torrent files increase my download speed?

Don’t worry, we’ll go into how you can download magnet links in just a moment. First, let’s talk about the difference between a magnet link and a .torrent file. Magnet links are generally quicker to start downloading from because they don’t rely on you to find other peers (or seeders) to continue spreading the file. Plus, these links work regardless of your location on the internet as long as both devices are connected to the same VPN network. Torrents can be even faster if you know what you’re doing, but they require more steps and some technical knowledge.

When should I use magnet links instead of .torrent files?

When downloading torrents, the most important factor is being able to reliably find a good source for finding and downloading it. Some ISPs do not permit access to torrent files for various reasons, so if you’re encountering these issues and find that Magnet Links are your only viable option, then magnet links are best. To use them correctly and follow all of the necessary steps, we recommend following this guide.

Magnet Links can be used as an alternative to .torrent files when downloading from unreliable sources on unreliable networks; if a user finds themselves with an ISP that does not allow torrent downloads or downloads from unknown sources for safety reasons, then Magnet Links may be the only remaining viable option left.

Where can I find magnet links for torrents without .torrent extensions?

If you want to find magnet links without a .torrent extension, Google is your best friend. Just search magnet link download torrent or something along those lines and you’ll find plenty of options. Sometimes, it may take a few minutes for the first page of results to load, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to get a particular download off the ground quickly. 

If you’ve found your magnet link and it’s on Youtube, just search for the video name + Magnet Link and a list will pop up for the videos with magnet links associated with them. 

This is usually only an issue when it comes to obscure content that isn’t as popular on some sites like Youtube.

Can you give me an example of a site where I can find magnet links to torrents without having to create an account there or leave my email address behind?

If you don’t feel like making an account on a site to download torrents, fear not! Magnet links are basically like regular torrents but instead of actually downloading the .torrent file from the website’s servers, you just have to have a magnet link which is basically just a series of letters and numbers that tells your torrent client where to download the actual .torrent file. You can find magnet links for movies, games, and more. Popular sites that offer magnet links are KAT, Rarbg, Piratebay or Popcorn Time if you’re into pop culture.

Should we have a standalone section on File Hippo dedicated to free downloads via magnet links only (no ads)?

Magnet links offer a much easier method for downloading torrents. If you have a popular torrent, there are likely thousands of magnet links for that file. You can download them all and let the torrent client sort it out or pick the first one it finds in the list. If you’re using Vuze, check out the Magnet link scanner add-on, which downloads all of these too. However, there is no guaranteed way to know if the magnet links will lead to what you want without carefully vetting each individual site’s pages first. If a page has ads on it or feels suspicious in any way, proceed with caution!

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