Ways to Increase Your Digital Marketing Team Productivity in 2023

There are many ways to increase your digital marketing team productivity. Here are some of the best tips, tricks and techniques that will help you do so:

Make sure your goals are clear

Make sure your goals are clear
Make sure your goals are clear

The first step to increasing your digital marketing team productivity is to define your goals. If you don’t have any concrete ideas of what you want to accomplish, it will be difficult for anyone else on the team to help you reach them. When defining goals, make sure they are realistic and measurable–don’t just set big ones like “increase sales by 50%” or “increase social media engagement by 5%.

You should also consider how these goals relate back into your business as well as other departments within it. For example, if one department’s goal is improving their website traffic through SEO optimization but another department has no idea how this relates back into their own departmental goals (such as revenue generation), then there could be some confusion about which tasks need attention first and why those tasks need attention at all!

Create a schedule

One of the most important steps to improving your productivity is creating a schedule. By establishing clear expectations for how and when everyone will work, it makes sure that everyone knows what they are doing, and it also ensures that everyone has time to do the things they need–including rest and relaxation.

Creating a schedule can be tricky because there are so many different ways of accomplishing it: some people prefer spreadsheets while others prefer emails or text messages; some like handwritten notes on index cards while others use Trello boards or Google Calendar (which we use here at Digital Marketer). The best approach depends on your specific needs as well as those of your team members.

Schedule team meetings

Schedule team meetings
Schedule team meetings
  • Schedule team meetings. If your team is remote, it’s important to have regular meetings that occur throughout the day. In fact, you should be doing this even if you’re not a remote company!
  • Make sure they’re productive. It’s easy for meetings to turn into administrative tasks or time-wasting socializing sessions;                                                                                                                                                                  Try using these tips from Buffer as a guide:
  • The meeting should be less than an hour long (with breaks in between). This allows people who need more attention time during their workday and also helps keep the meeting focused on what matters most–getting stuff done!
  • Set up an agenda ahead of time so everyone knows what’s coming up next week/month/yearly – even if there are no surprises planned for now!

Use an online collaboration tool

Using an online collaboration tool can help your team work more efficiently, especially if you’re working remotely.

The benefits of using an online collaboration tool include:

  • Reduced time spent on email, chat and phone calls (in a way that’s still effective)
  • Improved communication among the members of your team who need to be in touch with each other regularly.

Encourage collaboration

Encourage collaboration
Encourage collaboration

Collaboration is essential to digital marketing success. It’s not just working together, but also sharing information, making decisions and innovating. The more you encourage collaboration among your team members, the better your results will be in all areas of digital marketing work.

Some of the ways you can encourage collaboration include:

  • Making sure everyone has access to all relevant information about a project or task at hand – whether it’s via email or chat software like Slack or Hipchat (which we recommend). This encourages people who might not know each other well enough yet to get on board with what you’re doing so they can help out where needed too!
  • Sharing files often so that everyone knows what they’re working on at any given point in time – especially important when projects are still evolving during development stages 😉

Have the right tools

  • Having the right tools can help increase your team’s productivity. Tools like Slack, Zendesk and JIRA can help you manage your team and keep them on track with their goals.
  • Tools that allow you to track progress are also key. They will give you the ability to see what’s happening in real time so that you can make adjustments as needed or see if there are any issues or obstacles blocking progress before they become an issue later on down the road when it could be too late!
  • Communication tools like Slack are great because they allow everyone involved in a project (from marketing manager down all the way through) access at all times without having to worry about finding someone who has permission (or even bothering with emailing). This means less wasted time across departments which leads directly into increased productivity for everyone involved!


Collaboration is the key to success for any digital marketing team. Whether you’re a small business with one employee or a large corporation with hundreds of employees, collaboration can help your team achieve goals and build relationships that will last long after you’ve left your position.

Collaborating with other departments and people outside of your company can also be beneficial to the overall productivity of your company. In fact, studies show that having face-to-face interactions with clients or customers increases customer satisfaction by 20%! This means it’s important for every member of an organization from salespeople down to data scientists to communicate regularly so everyone knows what’s going on at all times instead of waiting until something comes up in production later on down the line.”

Set clear goals for your team.

Before you start a project, it’s important to define the problem and set goals.

  • Define the problem: What are we trying to solve?
  • Set achievable and realistic goals: How much of our vision will we be able to achieve in 3-6 months? This can help keep everyone on track, while also setting expectations for what’s possible.

Create a digital marketing team backlog.

Create a digital marketing team backlog.
Create a digital marketing team backlog.

A digital marketing team backlog is a list of tasks, projects and deliverables that need to be completed in order for your business to grow. A good example of this is a content calendar (listing what you will create) and how this will drive traffic back to your website or blog.

The best way to create a digital marketing team backlog is by taking all the tasks from each area of digital marketing–social media management, SEO/SEM development, email marketing automation etc.–and creating them into one big list which can then be prioritized based on importance or urgency.

For example: if it’s Tuesday morning and someone asks if they can write an article about “How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business” today because they have time available during their lunch break then yes please! Then again maybe not today because there are other things that need doing first…

Hire the right Digital Marketing people for your company.

The first thing you need to do before hiring a digital marketing person is know your company’s goals and what you want to achieve. You should also have a clear understanding of the type of person that would be right for the position, as well as their experience level and skillset.

In order to find these answers, it’s best to talk with other companies and ask them how they’ve hired people in similar roles. This can help give you some ideas about what kind of skills are needed in each specific role, which will help narrow down potential candidates later on when interviewing them for an interview or consulting gig!

Learn how to manage remote teams as well as in-house teams.

Learn how to manage remote teams as well as in-house teams.
Learn how to manage remote teams as well as in-house teams.

If your organization has a remote team, then you need to understand how it works. Remote teams are different from in-house teams in a number of ways.

  • One way that remote workers are different is that they tend to be more independent and self-motivated than their local counterparts because of the nature of their work environment (e.g., location).
  • This makes it harder for managers at headquarters to hold them accountable for their work; however, this can also lead to more creative solutions being developed on the fly instead of waiting until someone returns home so they can get feedback on their ideas or suggestions before moving forward with them later down the line which could mean missing deadlines due to unexpected circumstances becoming more frequent as time goes on due to changes occurring across multiple departments/branches within an organization.
  • It require immediate attention but may not be able to wait until everyone has returned back into town before anything gets done again after being away from each other so long already!


Digital marketing is a great way to grow your business. As you move through this guide, we hope that you’ve gained some insight into how to use your digital marketing team more effectively and efficiently. The key points here are:

  • Make sure your goals are clear
  • Create a schedule
  • Schedule team meetings
  • Use an online collaboration tool                                                                                                                                                  For more info Visit Us!

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