Five Reasons Why Bad Customer Service is Hurting Your Business

If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t very happy with your current bank, phone company, cable provider, or any other big business that you use on a regular basis. This list will show you exactly why bad customer service affects your business and how to make sure your company isn’t on the next worst customer service companies list.

Poor customer service leads to lower customer satisfaction

While many companies neglect to provide quality customer service, there are some that go above and beyond with their carelessness. These businesses are doing your company more harm than good in the long run by turning away potential customers. Here are five reasons why bad customer service is hurting your business:

Bad Customer Service is Hurting Your Business because it makes you look unprofessional; people often blame the worst experiences on a company or person and don’t give them the chance to correct their mistake, instead swearing off ever using them again; quality customer service will keep customers coming back while poor customer service only pushes them away.

Customers share their frustrations online, which lowers your credibility

A survey conducted by GlobeScan revealed that two-thirds of online shoppers said they have a negative impression of a company when it doesn’t respond to their customer service inquiry. In addition, seventy-seven percent of customers reported being less likely to do business with a company again if the customer service is poor. A recent study from Jiffy Lube found that 87% of customers would change vendors for their next oil change if the company had a poor customer service experience and, for some customers, bad customer service is a deciding factor when shopping for products and services. The risk, however, isn’t just limited to dissatisfied current customers; sixty-nine percent said they would share bad experiences on social media networks.

Slow response times indicate that you do not care about customers

Slow response times are going to drive customers away. This will also provide them a reason to move on from you and go with a competitor instead. Too many people spend their time online looking for the best customer service, and if you cannot deliver, it is going to hurt your company’s brand quickly. Customers that experience bad customer service are going to tell all of their friends about the awful experience, potentially leading them towards your competition. Your job is to please these customers and make sure they have a pleasant customer service experience.

Inefficient support slows down sales

Bad customer service can be a major turnoff for potential customers and could result in lost sales. Whether you’re providing customer service through the phone, email, or in person, the person on the other end of the line should be helpful, polite, knowledgeable about your product or service and not pushy. Consider these five reasons why bad customer service is hurting your business:

  • -It’s difficult to grow revenue from existing customers if they have negative impressions about you and your company 
  • -Poor support leaves people feeling frustrated which leads to less word-of-mouth recommendations 
  • -Negative reviews on social media can hurt a company’s credibility 
  • -Customer loyalty programs provide an incentive for people to keep coming back.

You lose money on unhappy customers who choose to take their business elsewhere

Bad customer service is hurting your business. Customers who have had a bad experience with your company will not only choose to take their business elsewhere, but they will tell other people about their experience. Word of mouth marketing is an important component of the internet age, and if you don’t protect it you will lose out on customers or worse: lose money.

 With data being shared more quickly and easily than ever before, consumers have a broad range of choices when it comes to businesses they can buy from. If you leave your customer with a bad experience or don’t fix problems they are having with your product, they will feel free to shop around for another company that can meet their needs. When customers leave because of poor service and find somewhere else to spend their money, you’re essentially leaving money on the table—the only way to recover it is through effective marketing. According to Harvard business review, more than 80% of consumers would switch brands due to one bad experience with a company representative.

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