How to Spot a Fake Tinder Profile

Online dating has never been more popular than it is today, but the abundance of dating apps, websites, and other ways to connect with people digitally has also given rise to some of the most convincing fake profiles that you can imagine. If you’re looking to meet someone on Tinder, how do you avoid being scammed? Here are some tips on how to spot a fake Tinder profile before it’s too late!

The Pictures

Most people have a social media presence or at least a personal website. If not, they are using a completely fake name which gives the whole profile away right there. To get started, use Google to find out everything you can about the person you are talking with in real time. Click their name and see what comes up in your search bar – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et su… Remember that there is always more than one social media site where a person might exist.

The Bio

Figuring out if a Tinder profile is fake can be a little tricky, but it’s not impossible. If you come across a profile that does not seem realistic in any way, take a moment to examine their pictures for the following signs of a fake profile: 

The first thing to look for is any inconsistencies between the pictures. They may feature different eye colors or different poses in all of the pictures, which doesn’t make sense considering that one person should have the same appearance and pose throughout the photos on their Tinder profile.

Are Any Pics Taken in Front of a Famous Landmark?

People on Tinder are constantly lying about who they are. If a Tinder profile has pictures taken in front of a famous landmark or a selfie from an event that’s been featured in the media, it’s probably fake. You might also see fake accounts with old pictures or people who seem too good to be true. The best way to find out if a Tinder profile is fake is by asking questions about current events and seeing if the answers match up with reality.

Proof They Have Been on the App for Awhile

One way to spot a fake Tinder profile is by looking at their photos. The easiest way to tell if they’re real is by seeing if they have a cover photo. If there’s a profile picture with an animal, it’s most likely not real. They also might not have any text on their profile and will only show up as a silhouette on the app. Lastly, if they had recently uninstalled the app, you could say that means that it is fake because nobody uninstalls Tinder for more than three days.

Do They Only Have 1-2 Pictures?

If a Tinder profile only has one or two pictures and no bio, it’s probably fake. Fake profiles are usually set up by scammers looking for free dating app access. As a rule of thumb, make sure they have enough pictures that you can see their face or body and read the bio before you match with them.

 The second red flag that a profile is fake is if it only has one or two pictures. The average person on Tinder has over 3-4 pictures in their profile, and you should too. Not only does more photos mean more chances for someone to swipe right on you, but it makes your profile look authentic and like you care about yourself. Having no bio at all can also be a sign of an empty profile set up by scammers. If they have time to write out pick up lines and bullshit stories, they have time to write a description.

What About Their Age?

Keep an eye out for dates that don’t match their profile – you can usually spot a fake by their age. And, make sure they have friends in common with you on Facebook – the only way Tinder can verify people’s profiles and this should be the only way you trust it too

. Also, take note of how many photos are posted on their profile and if there are any duplicates (and what photo is used). Sometimes the duplicate photo might be from a few years ago or even from another account altogether.

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