How to Keep Your Name Off of the Most Popular People Search Sites

Do you have enemies? Someone on the Internet who might try to harass you? If so, you need to protect yourself and your family by opting out of the most popular people search sites. But it’s not easy. You have to contact each one individually and ask them to remove your information, which means doing extra work as well as waiting weeks or months to be completely removed from their databases. So let me show you how to opt out of these sites easily and effectively in this article about how to keep your name off of the most popular people search sites.

Why Is My Information Online?

The information that is on these people search sites is often only accessible for a fee, or you have to contact the individual directly for access. But even if the information on these sites isn’t very accurate, it can still get your name out there and back into circulation. Most of this online information is outdated and incomplete, because many of these companies will list the most recent data they could find. This means that their listing may be based off of a current listing that you used five years ago when you were living in Michigan instead of your current residence in Florida! It’s important to know how far this type of information has spread and what data people are using to make assumptions about who you are.

Where Can I Remove Personal Info?

If you want your name off of the most popular people search sites, you need to remove your personal information from them. You can do this by removing yourself from all social media platforms, purging your contact list of any friends and family members not living in the same town as you, and opting out of free web email services such as Yahoo or Gmail. You can also create an alias and bank account that don’t share the name on other accounts, rent an apartment with a fake address and date of birth, or move to a new city.

Should I Remove My Information from Free Sites?

Generally, it’s a good idea to remove your information from free sites that might make it easier for people you don’t know to find you. Here are the websites where most people put their information and why it’s worth removing the details.

What about those White Pages Directories?

You may not have heard of White Pages Directories, but if you want your name off of the most popular people search sites, then this is the service for you. What these people search sites do is aggregate all of the information about you from around the web and place it into one place – with your email on top. These people search sites are designed for public domain knowledge, which has led to some unusual facts being discovered about individuals in certain circumstances. Though those circumstance usually require a hack or scam that make other information vulnerable online, having your email available makes it easy for someone who has hacked your account to try and log-in to multiple services that use your email for authentication or reset passwords using forgot my password forms that request an email address.

Are Private Databases Better than Public Ones?

Private databases are better than public ones because the information you provide is not searchable or accessible without paying for the service. Plus, the cost of accessing a private database is far less than buying a publicly-listed property for sale. So, if you’re looking for some privacy, avoid letting your name show up on popular people search sites by contacting a professional.

After 10 Years, Maybe It’s Time to Give Up?

If you’ve been waiting for the law of averages and that perfect decade to pass, it might be time. Search engines have improved drastically in the last few years. How you get your name off of the most popular people search sites really depends on what site you need removed from. Some of them are easy, some will take some arm-twisting. The site with the most detailed information is more likely to provide more details on how your can remove yourself from their database. (What Sites?) LinkedIn is easy but requires an annual fee of $39/month just to remove one person’s name from being listed at all times.

Final Thoughts on Removing Personal Info

Removing personal information from social media is simple. To take it off any site, follow these steps: 

1) Go to your account on the site and click Privacy Settings or Manage Account. 2) Scroll down until you see where it says Remove Personal Information and click Opt-Out (on Facebook). You can choose from one of two options: hide just yourself from search engines or remove all your personal information. 

3) Click the button for whichever option you want. Then, simply follow those same steps for each additional site that contains your private info and remove it there too.

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