How to Find the Perfect Summer Job for Your Teenager

While the summer is an ideal time to relax and enjoy some time off, the break from school can also be quite challenging. Parents of teens need to find ways to keep their teens busy and out of trouble during their free time, and summer jobs are a good way to do just that. With so many options available, however, it can be difficult to know where to begin when you’re trying to find the perfect summer job for your teenager. Here are 7 of the best summer jobs for teenagers

Why Working is Important

The summers are an excellent time for a teenager to find the perfect summer job. Spending time away from school and doing something productive is healthy for any adolescent, as it gives them the opportunity to develop skills that will be of use in their future careers. Whether your child is 16 or 18, finding the perfect summer job for them is not as hard as it might seem at first glance. Your teenage may not want a job where they will be responsible for assisting with adult responsibilities, such as babysitting or housecleaning. Younger teens may prefer a manual labor type of job or internship experience where they will get the chance to work with people of their own age group and even older ones who can share their own life experiences and help guide your children towards making good choices about various matters.

Types of Summer Jobs

Summer is the perfect time for a summer job. Why not find the perfect summer job for your teenager by checking out these 7 best jobs for teenagers: 

  1. -Hair Stylist – Summer Hairstyles For Teenagers, $10-20/hr on average 
  2. -Lifeguard – Salary varies, good benefits 
  3. -Tutor – $30+/hr on average 
  4. -Mover – Salary varies, only occasional physical labor required 
  5. -Nanny – salary varies depending on experience and level of responsibility, easy schedule and workload

The Importance of Experience

Learning how to be financially independent is important for everyone, but it can be especially challenging for teenagers. Â A summer job provides the perfect opportunity for teenagers to learn how the world works on a smaller scale and make a little money while they’re at it. Â Teenagers need time before they leave high school and have a full-time career; find them something enjoyable that will help them develop skills and provide some income as well. Â Summer can offer lots of opportunities, just don’t expect them all to be stable long-term careers–many are short stints with few benefits, but that’s not always the case

Benefits of Having a Summer Job

When you’re a teenager, the biggest hurdle of finding the perfect summer job might be trying to convince your parents it’s a good idea. But you’ll have plenty of time for surfing, going to concerts and hanging out with friends. For teens, looking for a summer job is an easy way to earn spending money, learn more about the world of work and develop confidence before heading off into adulthood. Summer jobs can also give teenagers the opportunity for more responsibility and valuable experience that they may not get in school-sanctioned volunteer opportunities or part-time jobs at the mall.

What Employers Look For Section: Where To Look For a Good Summer Job

It can be hard for a teenager to know where to look for the perfect summer job for their specific interests. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there to help! We have compiled a list of five websites that you can use to get started. These resources will help your teenager find the perfect summer job so they can be well-prepared when looking for their first full-time position in the future.

5 Websites Your Teenager Can Use To Find The Perfect Summer Job 

1) US News & World Report – US News publishes lists of top companies with internship opportunities and small businesses with part-time openings.

Setting Up The Interview and Post Interview Section

Summer jobs are a rite of passage for teens. The summer also brings a change in priorities for adults with the kids home and an increase in travel for adults without kids. Summer employment is about having fun, but it can also be about saving money and boosting your resume when you are looking for work or applying to college. Take some time now to learn what kinds of opportunities are out there! Here’s how to find the perfect summer job for your teenager: 

1) Keep it legal – You want the experience and opportunities that a summer job can provide, but be sure that any job you take is legal. That means you’ll need a working papers ID card from your state, as well as proof of age if you are not at least 16 years old yet.

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