Updates to the Home Depot Health Check App for 2022

Updates to the Home Depot Health Check App for 2022

The Home Depot Health Check app helps you keep track of your health by measuring how much time you spend sitting or standing each day. It also reminds you to get up and move when it notices you’ve been sedentary for too long. The app has attracted some attention among healthcare professionals and was even featured on the popular medical talk show Practice Better Health in 2022. Here are some of the new features we can look forward to seeing in the future

What is New in the Latest Version of HDHC

In-App Messaging Feature: You can now send a message to a coworker when you’re shopping and they’ll see your message in real-time. They’ll also have the option of replying. It’s an easy way to get help from another associate if you need it!

Document Scanner: Now you can scan documents while at work or on the go with your mobile device. Simply take a picture of your document and send it securely, just like that! And if you need a copy, simply take another picture and print it out right then and there.

Mileage Tracking: The easiest way to track mileage is with HDHC’s new Mileage Tracker feature! Just input your starting point, destination, date of travel, and total miles traveled.

Updated User Interface

The new layout of the app is designed with a simple, user-friendly interface that quickly connects you to all of your home’s healthcare needs. The old app was cluttered and difficult to navigate but this new design has removed some of the obstacles in finding information. You can now search for what you need by entering in keywords or browsing through categories such as lighting, plumbing, air conditioning, etc.

Plus, there are more filters so it’s easier than ever to find what you need. The app was updated with a library of articles and videos that feature DIY guides and checklists, as well as tips on home maintenance. Previously, there was no place to find these helpful how-to videos unless you were searching through YouTube or another search engine.

Now, you can learn about everything from replacing your HVAC filters to troubleshooting plumbing issues all from within one platform. It makes it easier than ever before to care for your home efficiently and effectively. This new user interface provides a centralized location where you can access information about your entire household in one place.

The Bug Fixes

  • Include a warning that says Don’t use if you are pregnant when someone enters their pregnancy status.
  • The app has been updated with a new home screen.
  • The app now allows users to create and manage an account from the home screen.
  • A user can now filter the list of products by healthy, unhealthy, or all. They can also filter by aisle, brand, or store location.
  • When adding a product to your shopping cart there is a new section called Add more. This will allow you to add multiple items from one screen instead of having to go through each product individually.

The Next Major Version Update

We have some updates in store for our patients who use the current version of Home Depot’s Health Check App. In a nutshell, we’re adding a few new features and will be retiring some others. The app is going to be renamed Home Depot Health and will include a few more integrations, such as prescription drug monitoring, lab results, and details about your doctor visit.

The app will also give you personalized recommendations based on your health history and what you’ve done before. For example, if you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol in the past, it might recommend that you order an annual cholesterol checkup with your doctor.

Our Verdict on this Free Mobile App

The Home Depot Health Check app is a free mobile app that you can use to check your vital signs, including heart rate and blood pressure. The app can also help you find an in-store pharmacy.

The first time you open it, it will walk you through a few questions about your age, sex, and weight before showing you what numbers are considered good or bad based on your responses. You can then track these numbers over time and see how they change after making changes like eating more vegetables or getting more exercise. Overall, this is a helpful tool for people who want to get their vitals checked without going into a doctor’s office or clinic.

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