Google Workspace Update Gives You Another Reason to Ditch Microsoft 365

Google Workspace is getting an update on the 29th of October, but you’re probably not aware of it, and this update could give you another reason to abandon Microsoft 365 altogether. Google has been trying to put its own spin on productivity software, which is why it created Docs and Sheets, but did you know that they have its own version of Microsoft Office 365?

It goes by the name of Google Apps and it’s free to use (though there are limits). This Google Workspace update gives you another reason to ditch Microsoft 365 altogether because it will be getting some new features soon!

Why Google Workspace Is Better Than Office 365

One of the key advantages of Google Work is that you get 1TB of storage for free on Drive. This means you can store as many files as you want without any limits, something not possible with Office 365.

And if that wasn’t enough, all your files are automatically backed up and available on any device. Plus, Google offers a wide range of features for their apps like Gmail and Calendar. For example, Gmail gives you the ability to set auto-replies when you’re away from your desk or switch between different inboxes with just one click. These are just a few reasons why Google Work is better than Microsoft Office 365!

The Details of the Updated Service for Google Workspace

Google recently announced the release of their new update for Google Workspace, which is a business-focused cloud product. The update contains several new features that will help make it easier for businesses to store and access their data. These include:

  • Automatically back up your important files every time you make changes
  • Allowing employees to sign in with just one click instead of entering an email and password each time
  • Simplifying the process of sharing large files by uploading them and giving people individual links that can be shared with anyone who needs them without having to share the file itself.

The update has been met with mostly positive feedback from businesses, including a lot of tech companies such as HP, Samsung, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Toyota Motor Corporation, and more.

How Does Google Workspace Compare?

The Google update offers more options, is less expensive, doesn’t have the same data loss risk, and gives you the ability to use your favorite device. It also includes built-in protection against phishing attacks and malware. The only downside is that it only has 1TB of storage space. If you need more than that then it will be an additional cost.

When is the Best Time to Switch?

The best time to switch is when your contract with your old provider expires. If you’re still under contract, then you should wait until it’s over and use that time to find the perfect solution for you. The best way to decide what service will work for you is by asking yourself three questions:

What programs do I need? What file formats do I need? How much storage space do I need? If you want a service that has both desktop and cloud options, try Google Workplace or G Suite. This way, your files will be accessible from anywhere!

What are My Options for Google Workspace?

If you’re not wedded to your Microsoft Office suite, or if you are looking for a cheaper alternative that offers more flexibility and less bloat, here are some other options:

  • Google Cloud. Google’s cloud computing platform is free for up-to-five active users, with paid plans starting at $4 per user per month. The company also has an offline mode called Chrome OS that lets you work on documents even when you don’t have internet access. It’s available for free on a laptop or desktop computer, or as a web app.
  • Open office. Open office is an open-source software suite made up of productivity tools including spreadsheets, presentations, and word-processing apps that can be downloaded and used without charge.

What Will I Lose if I Switch?

One of the major benefits of Google Workspace is that it’s a cross-platform service, meaning you can access your apps and data from any computer. This means you don’t need to worry about missing important emails, appointments, or documents because you left your laptop at home. If you’re someone who frequently switches between Macs, PCs, and mobile devices, then Google’s cross-platform compatibility may be worth considering.

Now let’s talk about what you’ll lose if you switch: unlimited storage, the capability to sync files across all devices (i.e., the Windows File Explorer), and the ability to use Office applications such as Word or Excel offline.

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