Google Maps Tips and Tricks: How to Measure Distances ‘As the Crow Flies’

There are lots of different ways to measure distances on Google Maps, from miles to kilometers to feet to meters and more. If you want to measure the distance between two points as the crow flies, or if you’re just curious about how far it really is between two places, follow these steps. And don’t worry—you don’t need any special tools or extra apps to do this!

How is it Useful?

The distance measurement tool on Google Maps is a powerful tool for estimating distances between two points. While the ‘driving’ measure has the inconvenience of accounting for the curvature of the earth, the distance as the crow flies will give you an accurate measure of how far it is between two points.

1) Tap on your home button at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. You should now be able to see a list with each icon representing a recent destination. 

2) Clicking on Home or tapping anywhere on that list will bring up directions back to your house, which includes distance information at the top left-hand corner labeled ‘Driving Distance’. To get straight to this menu, simply type in your current address or any other address into Google Maps.

It’s More Accurate Than GPS

Many maps, including Google Maps, are equipped with the ability to measure distances. All you need is a ruler or straight edge of some kind. On the right-hand side of the map you’ll see a button with Distance written next to it. If you hover your cursor over that button, a green drop down menu will appear with different units of measurement available for measurement, as well as an option for metric. To get distances ‘as the crow flies,’ make sure you have selected kilometers and meters. Then, drag your measuring device across the map and voila! You have accurate results.

 What makes Google’s measurement feature so accurate is that it measures via what is known as Haversine formula. It’s an algorithm used for measuring distances between points on a sphere in terms of straight line segments measured on a plane, which is why you get such amazing accuracy when using it. And because of its accuracy, some even use Google maps to help them navigate during events like marathons or biking races. Don’t want to break out your ruler? You can also measure distance by tapping your finger along your screen, but be sure not to move your finger once you’ve placed it down or else you’ll mess up your results.

Getting Started

To measure the distance ‘as the crow flies,’ on Google Maps, follow these instructions: 1. Select Start, enter your destination address or tap on the location you want on the map, then hit Route Options 2. Scroll down and select More Options 3. To see distances in miles or kilometers, scroll up or down 4. Select any route type for a particular mode of transportation 5. Click Distances by foot 6. This will show you an as the crow flies calculation 7. Choose your unit of measurement from metric or imperial

 When you measure distance ‘as the crow flies,’ Google will give you a direct route between your two points. Note that these routes may not include all major highways, so if you’re driving, you might want to double-check against other maps. Furthermore, if your journey is more complex or you need additional information about nearby landmarks or addresses, we recommend switching over to Google Map Maker for a more detailed view of an area. Map Maker gives you access to detailed information about addresses, landmarks and public transportation stops in select locations around the world. You can even mark places on a map that aren’t already included in Google’s database!

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Distance Options

If you ever need to measure distances in your car, try Google Maps. You can see the distance between two points or different locations on the map as the crow flies. To measure a distance from your current location, click Directions and enter the starting point of your route as well as your destination. Then select As the crow flies as the travel mode. Remember that this calculation assumes that all roads are clear with no traffic jams; therefore it is not a good choice for large areas or long distances. 

To take this measurement while walking, use Google Earth. This program lets you explore places around the world in 3D and includes the ability to measure distances as the crow flies by drawing a straight line between two points on its map.

Take Action

Measure distances ‘as the crow flies’ with Google Maps by going to the Distance Matrix option on the right side of the search bar. The Distance Matrix will give you an overview of all possible driving routes, air travel options, and even a bike ride route if that’s what you’re looking for. Scrolling down through this screen will take you to a detailed map for any location where different modes of transportation can be used. To measure the distance from one place to another, just enter your starting point into one of the boxes at the top. Your destination will be automatically filled in as soon as you start typing. Hit ‘enter’ on your keyboard or click in an empty space on your computer screen after entering both destinations.

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