Give Out These Fake Prank Numbers to Creeps and Get Them to Leave You Alone

Sometimes creeps can make life difficult for women, by asking for their phone numbers, stalking them on social media, or following them around in public spaces. If you find yourself dealing with a persistent and creepy man who won’t leave you alone, give him one of these fake prank numbers and get him to leave you alone once and for all. Here are five fake prank numbers to give out to creeps and get them to leave you alone.

To block a stalker

If a stalker persists in contacting you after you’ve told them you’re not interested, use a fake number or give out a contact that’s difficult for them to get in touch with. When they call back or text, tell them the number they have dialed is not in service. Make it seem like the phone company is working on it! Don’t let their persistence bother you, at all costs.

To fend off annoying texts

While it’s totally in your right to have a secret phone number that you give out only to those who are worthy of it, sometimes certain creeps will text you even if they know they’re not on your contacts list. If that happens and you don’t want them texting you anymore, we’ve got the perfect solution: keep giving them fake numbers! The best thing about these prank numbers is that they all sound completely realistic. When an annoying person texts you from one of these prank numbers, reply by telling them: I thought this was my number but I must be looking at the wrong one. This is 555-555-5555. After texting for a little while, leave them hanging without answering back–they’ll get annoyed and move on quickly.

 If you know an ex who doesn’t understand boundaries, then send them one of these fake numbers! After texting for a little while, leave them hanging without answering back–they’ll get annoyed and move on quickly. If someone is being overbearing at work or even just at a bar when you want to chat with other people, send them one of these numbers. They will eventually get bored of texting someone who’s always not available and go bother someone else. Have you ever been in a situation where your cell phone died or didn’t have enough battery? Maybe it was so low that you knew if anyone texted you, your phone would die anyway.

To play pranks on your friends

  1. Pretend you’re outside of your friend’s place or school with the prank number they texted you in front of their friends. When they come out, pull a fast one on them by acting like you are one of their close friends, then start acting worried that they told someone else the prank number and reveal your prank phone number to them. They’ll be embarrassed that they got pranked and then leave you alone for good!
  2. Text people I like this song and immediately tell them that it was a fake text by adding @prankme at the end of the message. This will make it seem as if your texts have been going from real messages back to pranks in a hurry!

To scare off telemarketers

There are a lot of different ways you can keep telemarketers off your phone. Filing a Do Not Call Registry, changing your phone number, or even just hanging up as soon as they say hello are all great strategies. One of the most fun things you can do is scare them off by giving them fake prank numbers. Here’s how it works: first find one of those 511-numbers and write it down on a post-it note. Write a note that says something like I am not interested in this call because I want my privacy. Then, simply hand the post-it over to any customer service agent in person so they know who gave out that number.

 Another great option is to find out which big companies are bothering you by looking up your number on a reverse-number lookup service. This way, if you want to avoid telemarketers from specific companies, you can simply use their name as your caller ID. One note of caution: while these techniques will help you keep annoying calls off your phone, they won’t block all unwanted callers (like debt collectors) so it’s still a good idea to learn how to stop unwanted calls with other methods. If possible, pick up your own phone when calls come in. It’s much easier for callers who are bothering you with multiple calls over time than those that take time out of their day just for you.

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