The Five Best Price Tracking Tools to Help You Save Money

Having trouble finding products you’ve had your eye on? Want to know if you can get them cheaper at another store? If you’re searching for the perfect product, but can’t seem to find it at the right price, try using one of these five best price tracking tools to help you save money in 2017.


If you have the Boomerang Chrome extension, you can send a price-tracking notification to yourself when something gets discounted. Say, for example, that you’re getting ready to go to the store and you notice on Pinterest that your favorite lipstick is on sale for 25% off. You know that if you buy it today it’s going to be 50% off tomorrow. If you email yourself with the notification now and set up a repeating reminder until your desired sale price occurs, then your notification will pop up at just the right time in your inbox. What makes this even better is that if an item’s price doesn’t change between notifications, then Boomerang won’t continue tracking it for long periods of time or notify you again about an unchanged price point.


Price tracking is a great way to make sure you never overpay for something. You can avoid the disappointment of losing out on a good deal, and as an added bonus, these tools will save you money by lowering your purchase price in certain circumstances. Honey is one of the best free price tracking tools on the market with a fully-functional product that doesn’t cost anything to use. It’s highly accurate and easy to use, and can track both online and in-store prices to give you all your options before buying. It’ll also help notify you if there are any discounts going on where you’re shopping so that you don’t lose out!


Since there are literally thousands of items to track and every retailer has a different prices, you might not be sure where to start. To save you time, here are the best price tracking tools currently available on the market.

 The first price tracking tool on our list is 

Next, we have Red Laser. This app/website combo tracks prices for a huge number of different products, including all of your essentials from groceries and health products to electronics and even things like furniture. A big advantage of Red Laser over other tools is that it also lets you do more than just track items – you can actually use it as a shopping comparison tool in order to find out where you should buy things from. However, there’s one disadvantage – when compared with some other apps such as Google’s or Sticky Pad’s, Red Laser’s interface looks a little dated.


Price comparison websites and apps, or price tracking tools, are a great way to ensure you get the best price for the product you are buying. But with so many choices available it can be hard to decide which one is best for your needs. So we compiled a list of the five best price tracking tools to help you save money: 

-CamelCamelCamel – RetailMeNot – Skubana – WisePricer – ProxiFy

These five will help you find better deals on items both online and in-store, monitor competitor pricing, plus much more. Check out our post for more information on these awesome price tracking tools!

eBay app and browser extension

Whether you’re a wholesaler or a consumer, knowing the best time to buy things is key to saving money. The eBay app and browser extension will help keep you up-to-date on current deals as well as any price fluctuations so that you can nab them at the cheapest prices possible. Check out these five best price tracking tools today!

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