When it comes to keeping track of receipts, managing lists, or keeping in touch with friends and family, there’s nothing better than being able to just whip out your smartphone and start taking photos or scanning documents on the go. But there are so many scanner apps out there that it can be hard to choose the best one! To make things easier, we’ve picked 10 of the best scanner apps for Android, based on community recommendations and our own research on how these apps perform in different situations. Here are our top picks!

1) PDF Scanner

It’s clear by now that Google dominates the search engine game, so much so that mobile browser Chrome has overtaken Safari as the number one mobile browser. But Google can do more than just help you find what you’re looking for on the Internet- they can also help you scan and digitize your world. Some of the best scanner apps are not even made by Google! Here are ten of the best scanner apps for your Android phone to digitize your life.

2) CamScanner

CamScanner is a multifunctional scanner app that makes digitizing life easier than ever. Using the app, you can easily create PDFs of your receipts, business cards, notes and so much more by taking a photo or scanning it directly with your phone’s camera. Best of all, CamScanner scans both sides of the document at once to ensure you don’t miss anything. Once scanned and converted to PDF format, CamScanner allows you to extract text from the document for further editing and annotating before exporting it back to its original location as an editable file.

3) Genius Scan

Genius Scan is one of the most reliable and efficient scanner apps for Android. Unlike traditional scanner apps that require a phone and a PC, Genius Scan uses your phone to scan documents and save them in their system. The app recognizes the type of document you are scanning, does all of the image processing for you, then imports it into whichever app you want it in. You can add OCR to the documents if needed to make them more searchable.

#1: Genius Scan 

This scanned document doesn’t even have to be sitting still before your phone takes a picture of it. They do all the processing so there’s no need for an internet connection or computer either – just click scan on your mobile device and follow the prompts.

4) Xodo

Xodo is one of the most popular scanners out there, and one of the best scanner apps for android. You can get a free trial to make sure it works with your files before you buy, which is always nice. The app is pretty easy to use, but not too easy that you’ll feel like you’re missing out on features. If you have old paper files around your house that you want to digitize and need an app, then Xodo is a good option.

5) IMS Document Reader

The IMS Document Reader app provides a way to store, organize, and read any scanned PDF documents. This scanner app can be used to digitally archive all of your paper documents. Since it does not matter where the document came from or what type of paper is used for the document, this app is an excellent way to digitize all of your important records. The IMS Document Reader has built-in OCR that allows you to scan any type of printed or handwritten text from one document and then read that text on another page in another scanned document. You can even use OCR to automatically turn words in the scanned document into a typed transcript that you can easily edit and export as a different file format.

6) CamDictionary – Handwriting Recognition & Translator

The CamDictionary app is perfect for people who want to capture handwritten content and then turn it into a digital file. If you are an avid photographer, this scanner app will allow you to quickly digitize printed material without relying on external devices.

7) AnyDesk – Screen Mirroring & Remote Control

For those looking to digitize their life and set up a home office, using an android scanner app can help. The AnyDesk app enables the user to remotely access their work computer or phone from any device with internet capabilities. Plus, it provides a one-touch mirrored screen for the ultimate viewing experience. Your family and friends will also be able to see what you are doing on your device, which is a helpful feature for those who have difficulty explaining what they need done in person.

8) Office Lens

Evernote Scannable is a powerful app that saves photos and documents as searchable PDFs in your Evernote account. Dropbox offers a simple way to store, access, and share files with your team members. If you have old analog photographs you would like to scan and digitize, Google Photos is a great place to do so.

9) NeoReader – Barcode, QR, UPC and Bookmark Reader

NeoReader is a QR and barcode scanner app that will not only read the QR code and show you the information, but it will also automatically store the URL in your bookmarks. All you have to do is scan the code and click on a bookmark, NeoReader will then open up the webpage. If for some reason you don’t want to save this to your bookmarks, all you have to do is tap on copy and manually put it into your browser’s address bar. Another handy function of this app is that it can read most popular types of 2D codes (QR, Data Matrix, PDF417) as well as 3D ones (Microsoft Tag), making scanning more convenient for shoppers.

10) Business Card Reader – Reads Smartphone Contact Cards

We live in a digital world. The new Microsoft Excel has gone mobile, and businesses now accept payments on their website or with a scan. There are many scanner apps for the Android that make it easier to digitize your life.

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