8 Tips For Playing With Breasts For Sexual Satisfaction

The breasts are often the focal point of sexual activity, with most men and women at least paying some attention to them during foreplay and sex. While it can be difficult to ignore them, sometimes it’s even harder to know what to do with them! Here are eight tips that you can use as a starting point for playing with your partner’s breasts during sex and foreplay, helping to increase the amount of pleasure that you both feel during these activities.

1) Don’t ignore your breasts

Playing with breasts for sexual satisfaction is tricky for everyone. Breasts can get squished or otherwise inhibited during any kind of sexy play, from a hand being too rough to a toy being too intense. Here are some ways to help ensure you can keep on playing with your breasts as long as you like: 

-If you want more pressure, go gentle and slowly increase the amount of pressure while the person in front of you guides their body so they can dictate what works best for them. -Don’t be afraid to talk about how things feel or ask questions so both parties can stay on the same page.

2) Explore the breast tissue with hands

There are a number of ways you can play with breasts for sexual satisfaction. Below, we have outlined some ways to stimulate the breast tissue. Remember that it is up to your partner what they would like you to do, and as always, consent is key! With that in mind, here are 8 tips for playing with breasts for sexual satisfaction: 

  • -Touching the nipple while they touch the other breast 
  • -Kissing the nipple and then circling around it with your tongue -Gently nibbling on their nipples
  • -Pulling on their nipples (not too hard!) until it creates a stretch in them

3) Touch, don’t poke

Breasts have a lot of erogenous zones. By touching them all, you can give your partner pleasure in ways they never imagined. To make things easier, here are 8 tips for playing with breasts for sexual satisfaction:

1) The Chest – (Preferred sex position: Reverse Cowgirl) Use your chest to provide light stimulation during oral or penetrative sex by pressing it against their chest. Try rubbing your body on their nipples to get them good and hard before returning to a more conventional activity.

2) The Nipples – (Preferred sex position: any variation of missionary) For an intense titillation, twist and pull the nipple back and forth in between your thumb and forefinger until she’s begging for release.

4) Look for pleasure spots in both breasts

For many women, the breasts are a sexual organ. They have a myriad of nerve endings that can send sexual sensations throughout the body, which makes them a fun place to explore and play with during sex. To make your breasts more sensitive and stimulate their nerve endings, try: -rubbing them -rolling your nipples between your fingers or thumbs (or someone else’s) -flicking or gently biting them -squeezing them together or using both hands to caress each one

5) Get Massage Therapy For Stronger Nipples

Start by kissing, licking, and sucking her nipples to create arousal. Once you get her wet with nipple play, move your tongue over to the other breast. Perform a sequence of licking and sucking until she’s moaning and writhing with pleasure before switching breasts again. Licking upwards towards the areola may provide more intense sensations than a downwards motion. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions when you change up your routine: if they’re losing their breath or tensing up, switch it up! Learn how to read her body in this way so that you can find out what she likes best.

6) Have A Great Set Of Bras

If you want to play with breasts for sexual satisfaction, it’s important to have a great set of bras. These five tips will help you make sure your favorite bra is always ready for action.

1) Be sure the straps are tight enough, otherwise the breasts may droop when unsupported. 

2) Be sure the band size is appropriate for the person wearing it– too big and things can fall out when not wearing a shirt; too small and there may be discomfort from choking or constriction. 3) Take care not to wear clothes that show off while wearing a tank top or dress without underwear because nipples will show through clothing and create an awkward situation.

7) Pay Attention To Nipple Sensitivity While Breastfeeding

Breasts can come in all shapes and sizes. Each one has its own uniqueness and special traits that need to be respected, nurtured, and acknowledged for the woman it belongs to. Here are a few helpful tips for playing with breasts for sexual satisfaction: 

  • ##-Lick, suck or gently nip at her nipples. 
  • ##-Slowly massage her breasts with your palms or finger tips. 
  • ##-Lay next to her while massaging them and slide your hands around so that your thumb is brushing against the nipple.

8) Know What Makes You Feel Sexy

Your breasts are a pleasure center that most people who you have sexual encounters with will enjoy. Here are some ways to play with them for sexual satisfaction and make them more interesting.

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