8 Creepy Reddit Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night

Reddit’s nosleep forum is a place where users can anonymously submit their most terrifying tales and urban legends, many of which are based on real-life experiences or things they have witnessed themselves. Some of the stories posted on the forum have become so famous that they are now available in book form! The following 8 nosleep stories from Reddit will keep you up at night long after you finish reading them.

1) Bedtime Story

Creepy Reddit Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night

I took a picture of my sister’s cat a couple of weeks ago. She left it at my house while she was on vacation, so I was taking care of it. When she got back from her trip, we found out that the cat had been dead for two weeks in the moment when I took the picture.

-RagingJew (Source) This is one for anyone who’s ever taken a photo with their phone and wondered if they just unwittingly captured their spirit animal wandering around.

2) The Phone Call

A Reddit user recently posted a story of his personal experience with the police that happened after calling 911 during an emergency. A while ago, he noticed a man walking through their apartment complex who looked lost and dazed. The guy acted strange and eventually started approaching people to ask for their phone numbers or other contact information. 

The Reddit user was at home when he saw this happen, so he took out his phone and called 911 in order to have the man escorted off the property for trespassing. It was then that a dispatcher told him not to go outside but only call 911 from inside of his apartment instead.

3) The Helping Hand

Creepy Reddit Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night – 6 Scary Stories Found on Reddit

We all love to read scary stories. And now that Halloween is here, it’s the perfect time to come up with our own scary stories. But this time we want you to take a look at some creepy and unsettling stories that we found in the nosleep forum on Reddit and decided they would be too much for any sane person to handle. 1) The Helping Hand is about how a father takes his son out on a late night stroll and tells him about the terrible events that took place years ago at the house across from them.

4) Mirrors of Madness

Mirrors of Madness, titled so because mirrors tend to reflect life, takes its name from the poet Sylvia Plath’s Mirror in which there’s no reflection. The site hosts user-submitted stories, which are a good source for bedtime stories. *Feel free to add creepy music*

5) Car Wash

Creepy Reddit Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night 8 Reddit Stories You Can’t Forget

If you’re looking for a good way to kill some time, this list of the most freaky stories from Nosleep (a forum on Reddit where people can post scary, long-form stories) should do the trick. With topics that range from bloody deaths to unexplained mysteries, there are plenty of bloodcurdling tales here that will keep you up at night.

6) Dead Wake-Up Call

To all those who find themselves nodding off after reading a page or two, have no fear. We’ve got your back. This post offers a rundown of some of the more popular Reddit threads from the Nosleep community to help you stay awake at night until the end of time.

Some say that the scariest stories are those told by Reddit users and not writers for horror films. But I know that not to be true; there is nothing scarier than imagining yourself being followed down a dark hallway by someone without a face, just staring at you with an impenetrable gaze, as you’re searching for your bedroom door handle in vain.

7) The Neighborhood Watchman

If you need some good material to avoid going to sleep, then Reddit’s Nosleep forum might be right up your alley. One of the things that makes Nosleep so interesting is how different each story is from the last and a lot of them are way scarier than most horror movies could ever hope to be. If you’re looking for something chilling enough to give you goosebumps tonight and keep you up until sunrise, look no further than these eight creepy stories from Nosleep.

8) Returned to Sender

These stories might not be suitable for children, the faint of heart, or those looking for a good night’s sleep. You have been warned. Reddit has a sub-forum called Nosleep which is dedicated to telling horror stories and everyone who has ever looked into it can attest to the level of spookiness you will find there. This particular thread had 15 stories that were told with many different voices and some of them are more successful than others at keeping their audience awake until the end of time. We have selected our eight favorites and have tried to organize them into categories, but really it doesn’t make any difference where you start reading because they all manage to draw you in until you feel like maybe just another story wouldn’t hurt so much…

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