7 Tips for Making a Fake Facebook Account That Looks Real

When you first set up your Facebook account, the platform requires you to use your real name, which isn’t always ideal if you’re looking to remain anonymous or protect your identity. One way to get around this is to create a fake account that looks as authentic as possible and gives you the privacy you want. Here are some tips for making a fake Facebook account that looks real.

1) Choose an Appropriate Name

Making a fake Facebook account is an easy way to deceive people and make them think you’re someone you’re not. We’ve created a short list of 7 tips that will help make your account look real. If you follow these, nobody will know the difference!

2) Choose Good Profile Pictures

Take some pictures of yourself that look natural and not staged. Find pictures of your close friends or acquaintances and mimic their Facebook profile picture style. It’s easy to tell when a fake Facebook account is created if the headshot looks artificial and awkward, which could be a dead giveaway that someone is impersonating them.

Use your friends’ names as interests on Facebook to add some legitimacy to your account and show you’re connected with people who already exist on the social network. 

Play attention to other elements of the page as well: have a similar cover photo, friend limit, birthday, lists, work history, education background, etc. This helps make it seem like you are someone who has had interactions with other people through Facebook in the past.

3) Build an Interesting About Section

  1. Use a stock photo of a person that looks like you. 
  2. Share a lot of political memes and pro-Trump posts, but never anything too radical or inflammatory so you don’t get caught out by Facebook’s new anti-fake algorithm which bans accounts that are inauthentic. 
  3. Add people from your school as your friends but don’t post anything to their wall to avoid running into them in real life and letting the cat out of the bag about your fake account being fake.

4) Find Something You Have in Common With People Around You

If you’re going to make a fake Facebook account, it’s best to find some way to relate with people you know in your real life. This way, when you need information or are looking for new friends, it’s easier and more believable. Not only is this a good idea if you plan on using your account as a tool for internet research, but it can also be an important safety feature when there are people who might try to stalk or harass you based on your Facebook profile and friends list.

5) Use Different Versions of Yourself

Want to make a fake Facebook account? Follow these tips: 1. Change your name, 2. Upload a nice photo, 3. Use an alternate email address, 4. Upload an excellent profile photo that looks like you with friends, 5. Search yourself on Facebook and try not to look happy when you find yourself with your friends – instead say things like Great times! or What? 6. Start adding people who are in your school or town 7. Don’t worry about talking too much and just enjoy the fun!

6) Fill Out Your Timeline

Before you start your account, it’s a good idea to do some Facebook sleuthing on yourself. Make a list of all the places where you might have written your name and added a photo: at least 10 sites. Now find out what’s visible from each one.

7) Get Friends and Followers

  1. Create a username that blends in with the Facebook’s name. If you are making a fake account for your high school, you would want to use your first name and maybe your last initial or something like that.
  2. Use an image that isn’t too incriminating, but is clear enough to tell who it is supposed to be. You want your friends and family members to be able to see it and recognize you right away but still have plausible deniability when someone else may scroll past it later down the line. It also wouldn’t hurt if they knew you were on Facebook so they could confirm this was a real account and not just some random profile trying to take on their identity online!

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