7 Things You Should Never Leave Home Without in Your Car

A car isn’t just an automobile; it’s also a sort of mobile home away from home. Besides your cell phone, wallet, and car keys, there are many other things you should always keep in your car in case of emergency or even if you just need them to make your trip more comfortable. Here are seven things you should never leave home without in your car.

1) Phone charger

Keep your cell phone charged with a portable charger. Cell phones are necessary for communicating in emergency situations, finding alternate routes when detours are on the road, and keep us from feeling alone if we get lost. Having a charged phone will make it much easier to contact someone or just send a quick message with GPS coordinates to your location in case you’re having car trouble or have an accident and need help. Doing without is not an option if you’re going to be driving long distances as well, so bring a charging cable for your car and keep your phone plugged in as you drive.

2) Bottle of water

Keeping hydrated is key to being ready for any situation, which is why you should always keep a bottle of water in your car. A thirst-quenching beverage in the case of a hot day, or a refreshing beverage for one too many cocktails at happy hour, water can be found anywhere there’s clean tap or drinkable standing water. That’s not just because it’s essential to life – without access to potable water, dehydration and more severe illnesses can result quickly. Keep some handy at all times!

3) Map

It is always a good idea to keep a map in your car because you never know when you will get lost and need to backtrack. It also comes in handy if you have to do any searches while driving and get locked out of your phone because of an active call.

  1. Identification cards and license 

You should always have a government-issued ID card with your picture on it in case there is ever an emergency situation that requires an identification card. Also, be sure to bring your driver’s license with you at all times just in case.

4) Spare change

It can seem pointless to have a bunch of change in your car, but it’s actually one of the most important things you should never leave home without. That’s because on average, people are wasting 1-2 minutes per day looking for an available parking space, which is 15 hours annually. It takes that long just because people don’t have enough change in their cars and either have to buy more coins or search out a vending machine. Instead of doing all that time and money spent searching, just keep a spare quarter in your car and enjoy convenience when parking at the store or taking public transportation!

-Keep at least 1 quarter for nearby vending machines. 

-Keep enough quarters so that you can easily feed meter with quarters and save on expensive fines from breaking them too early.

5) Pen and paper

As a person who lives in a city, the risk of car troubles is always around the corner. It could be as simple as running out of gas, or as difficult as being pulled over for no reason at all. And with everyone wanting to send something or someone to court these days, it’s important to have your registration and insurance on hand for when you’re stopped. Here are seven items you should never leave home without in your car: 1) Car documents-It’s best to carry these documents with you all the time. Make sure they’re updated and include copies of your registration, proof of insurance and driver’s license. 2) Spare tire-If your car has a spare tire, it needs to be properly inflated and clean.

6) Jumper cables

One of the first things you should have in your car is jumper cables. This way, if you find yourself on the side of the road without a battery, then you’ll be able to jump start your vehicle. It’s important to keep jumper cables in your car at all times, especially during cold and snowy months where it can take a while for someone to come to your aid. And the only place they should be? In the trunk of your car so that they’re easily accessible and don’t take up any precious space inside of your vehicle.

7) First Aid Kit (or at least band aids, pain relievers, etc.)

First, make sure you always have a first aid kit in your car with all the basics, like band aids and pain relievers. Next, never forget your phone charger because getting stuck on the side of the road can mean major inconvenience at best and disaster at worst. Third, don’t forget a flashlight in case your car gets towed or you’re stuck there for a while due to weather. Fourth, make sure you carry extra gasoline in case of a low gas emergency. Fifth, fill up water bottles before going on any long trips so that you’ll be prepared for an emergency situation like an engine that breaks down or simply runs out of gas. Sixth, never head out without snacks like protein bars and fruit as blood sugar levels can decrease dangerously when hungry or dehydrated

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